Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Agenda Jan 30- Feb 3

Oratory and Rhetoric

Check Signatures
In groups, continue working on posters.
Present by stating "the what," "the how," and "the why."
Collect Grps, Speeches with Rhetorical Boxes and check glossary entries.
HW Mimic Jefferson's "truths and rights" (pp305-306) as they might apply to SaMOHI students.  Note: Jefferson's "truths and rights" refer to his complaints against the King.

Quaker Share rewrite/mimic
Pair Share review Rhet. Box from Declaration and Qs from "I Have a Dream."
-identify "the what" and casually explain how they work.
HW Read Stanton's Declaration and answer m/c

In-class, answer essay questions regarding Stanton piece
-share and compare
Review m/c questions
HW Read Tannen Essay and answer m/c and #2 long answer

Overhead, comment on images of women in America
-connect to Stanton essay
Review Tannen
Read Gould piece and answer m/c

Review Gould m/c
Discussion Questions
-cultural vs biological determinism
HW Review Rhetorical Elements in "Women's Brains"
Next Week
In-Class Essay 45 minutes
Responding to Gould essay
for AP grade

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Agenda Jan 24-26

Oratory and Rhetoric

Return Papers
-log essays into portfolio
-mid-year portfolio review
Review Formats: Journal, Rhet. Box, Glossary Entry, etc.
Define oratory

Introduce, Define and Review terms for the Art of Oratory
HW Read and annotate Leith's article

Sam Leith's FT article "Obama's Oratory"
-print and annotate article
-complete GRP (Guided Reading Response)
HW Via link (see below) choose one of the four speeches, print it out, annotate and complete a Rhetorical Box for it.  You can create the box on the back of the print-out.
-one of Obama's Speeches (only choose from the list below), annotated

-bring your literary terms rings

In groups, choose a graphic organizer that visually organizes the information from your speech on a poster.
Individually, complete glossary entries for all of the rhetorical/oratory terms you identified in the speech.
Presentations MONDAY.
HW McGraw Hill Reader: 
What is the American Dream p304
"The Declaration of Independence" p305
-JOURNAL #1 complete a rhetorical box 
"I have A Dream" p309 answer question Rhetoric #3 for Comparisons #1 (p313)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Finals Week Jan 17-20

Good luck this week.
Grades will be calculated by Friday.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekly Agenda Jan 4-13

Travel and Culture Unit

Impressions of travel
-quaker share
The Travel Lit. Genre
Read Pico Iyer's "Why We Travel"
-short Iyer biography and works
HW Identify rhetorical elements, look up allusions and create 3Qs
BB Essay due!

Review rhetorical elements and 3Qs
Read "The Humble Comma"
-complete a group glossary entry
-create an AP style multiple choice question and swap
HW Journal #______:
in McGraw/Hill p 495 read Amy Tan's "The Language of Discretion"
Composition #s 1 & 3; Rhetoric #s 1, 2 & 3; Write #1
DUE Tomorrow

Make connections between "Why We Travel" and "The Language of Discretion"
Movie next Week, collect slips
HW Journal #_________: Independent Reading Format
AND, Travel Pamphlet, due Wednesday


Notes on viewing and interpreting film
-language: film glossary
Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola (102 min)
-complete an OPTIC for this film
HW Finish Travel Pamphlet
AND, for independent reading credit, create a discussion question on on your outside book and conduct an insightful discussion.  All group participants will receive credit based on the quality of their discussion.  This is similar to the Conversations assignment from The Crucible unit.

Share conclusions about the film.
Share pamphlets
Read "When Worlds Collide" by Iyer
-chart motifs from film and essay
-note rhetorical techniques
Finish essay for Friday
Listen to Jim Haynes "Inviting the World to Dinner"
AP Practice: Sanders to Rushdie

Preparing for the final: review two Iyer essays and out travel and Tan essay about language and culture.  Consider notes about film, Haynes piece, and personal travel experience.  Recall important rules for writing an effective synthesis essay.  And lastly, make sure you bring all above materials to class for your final date.