Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekly Agenda Dec. 12-16, 19 & 20

Billy Budd, Sailor

Self-grade 1st draft
-debrief process and hurdles
-samples of student essays
Finish reviewing argument packet
-defining unknown words
-3 rings
Review Franklin Essay Qs
Finish discussion about Billy Budd
HW Complete BB Review Questions Ch. 16-30 for Friday.
HW Write 2nd draft: 2 or more paragraphs, one must be counter, due Thursday.

Review and discuss student samples
Movie: The Last Hangman
-1 page assignment
HW See above
HW The Last Hangman Movie review due Tuesday

Self-grade 2nd draft
-peer review
Finish Movie

Looking at style in our essays
-how to improve
Review Signal Phrases
-establish context
-establish credentials
-establish authority
-good verbs
Review Syntax and Rhetorical analysis handout
-how do we word sentences for emphasis
--rhetorical questions
-style/grammar quiz
HW 3rd Draft: as complete as you can get it due Monday.
Please get movie permission slips signed for Lost in Translation.  We will be watching this movie in conjunction with our Travel and Culture mini-unit that leads up to our semester timed final.  

Self-Grade 3rd draft
-read around
-peer edit
Collect Movie review
Wrapping things up.
HW Finalize your argument essay and be prepared to turn in to by 11:59pm on Jan 4th, the day we get back.  You will bring in a hard copy Jan. 5th.  
HW If you travel this vacation please be prepared to share when you get back.
Don't forget to get your permission slips signed.