Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Agenda Oct. 31-Nov. 4

The Synthesis Essay

Wrapping up The Crucible
-swap journals with essay
-peer response and share
10-minute Seminar
-inside and outside circles will discuss responses to questions inspired by the play.
-complete a reflection on your and your partner's performance

Tuesday and Wednesday 
Notes on writing the synthesis essay
-the rubric and prompt
-making sure you understand the prompt
-source packet
--is a source for or against; determine and demarcate
-what it means to engage in the conversation
--see notes
Rules (see handout)
-see notes
--no 2nd person
--state relationship between sources
--frame sources
-what does it mean to 'qualify'
Student Samples
-norm on rubric
HW Read Marilyn Elkins and annotate

Whole period seminar

Inside and Outside circles will speak to the issue of flag burning.  Evidence for arguments should come from your packet.  Any outside evidence will have to be cited.

Friday & Monday 
In class essay: write on either side of the issue, 45 minutes each, no extensions unless allowed by the College Board.  Both essays will be graded on the AP Synthesis rubric and will be worth 25pts each, toward your writing grade.
HW Make sure you have completed Journal #13, use the independent reading format for your independent reading book.  And, don't forget to sign up for IN THe NEws presentations.