Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Agenda Oct. 23-28


Read excerpt about Dorcas Good
Watch film
Begin Group Conversations for Acts II & III
HW Journal Entry #10 Due Wednesday
-Create your own witchhunt set at SAMO.  What is the "crime;" who are the accusers and who are the accused?  

Finish Conversations
Watch film

HW Journal Entry #11 Due Thursday
-Read Arthur Miller's "Why I Wrote the Crucible" and answer the following questions:
1) Define two unknown words and use them in an original sentence.
2) What is the "paralysis" Miller responded to by writing the play?
3) What are some of the parallel characters between the Salem Witch Trial and the McCarthy "hunt for Reds in America?"
4) How has the play become a political tool?
1)What is one simile/metaphor Miller uses? Is it effective?  Why or why not?
2) What kind of previous knowledge might be useful before reading this essay?
3) How might an "archaic speech" become new to a writer?
4) Who might the intended audience be for this essay?  Use evidence to support your response.

Finish Conversations for Acts II-IV
Share WitchHunt
Identify Fallacies in arguments against witches

McCarthyism notes
-apply to "Why I Wrote the Crucible"
Journal Entry #11

Journal Entry #12:  Timed, in-class essay
Students will grade your essays on the AP rubric for norming sake.  You will receive 10pts credit toward your Reading Journal grade.

Fishbowl Seminar
Begin Synthesis Writing?