Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Agenda Sept. 19-23

The Grapes of Wrath

Individually, write marginalia on post-its on Steinbeck's "Americans and the Land."
Journal #5: In groups, in your McGraw-Hill Reader, answer the following questions: Composition #s 1 &3; Rhetoric #s1,2 &6; Writing #1
HW Turn in Intercalary essay to

Collect Hard Copies
-teacher selected share
Review deductive vs.  inductive reasoning
Group Share Journal #5
-decide whether or not Steinbeck's essay uses deductive or inductive logic
HW Review GOW chapters 22, 26 and 30
AND, study Vocabulary for quiz tomorrow (be able to use words properly in 15 min)
AND, GOW Book Test on Monday
-test will include an OPTIC, vocabulary, questions on review chapters and Steinbeck's philosophies.

Vocabulary Quiz
Respond to Chapter review questions (3-Chair?)
-class discussion or discussion, depending on time
Introduce the Rhetorical Box HANDOUT
-answer how does this format move beyond SOAPSTone
-whole group (class) practice
Set up Groups for tomorrow
HW Begin Review for GOW Book Test

In groups, create a poster size rhetorical box on your selected/assigned magazine advertisement
-present to class
HW Continue Review of materials for GOW Book Test
AND, Journal #6: select a magazine ad!!! of your choosing and complete a rhetorical box on your own.  Be prepared to have a neighbor grade you based on completeness .  Tomorrow may be too soon to have this due.  I'll check on Tuesday.

-SAT Rubric
-AP Rubric
-6pt Rubric
Journal #7:  Rewrite one paragraph from your baseline essay.  Bullet several corrections you decided to make and why you thought they were appropriate this second time around.

Neighbor Share and Grade Rhetorical Box
Questions about Test on Monday?
Select a topic on which to write your GOW Annotated Bibliography
-see Necessary News for Topic suggestions

GOW Book Test
Annotated Bibliography Assignment
-Works Cited
Bring Lit. Rings this week and McGraw-Hill Reader