Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Agenda Sept. 26-30

The Grapes of Wrath

Assembly Today
1st period
-Work on Journal #7 in class
-study for test

GOW Book Test
HW Journal #6 from last week.  Make sure you have completed your Rhetorical Box.  I would prefer if it was on a Magazine AD, not article, but if you have already done it don't worry.  

GOW Bibliography Assignment
AND, Independent Reading List, FINALLY!
-book talk
HW Journal #8: bring McGraw-Hill.  Read W.J. Bennett on page 443:  Answer Comp #2&3, Rhetoric #6 and Write #1 for MONDAY.


Finish talking about the Research Outline due on the 17th.
Share Journal #6
Get THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller?
Discuss Bennett piece
In your Lit. Rings:
-Toulmin Method
HW See GOW Research Project.  Create a working thesis on the topic of your choice as it relates to GOW.

Glossary Entries
Conventions of Argumentation
Fallacy Definitions
-record definitions and examples
Letter to Bennett
-respond to his claims
-identify his argument with evidence
-minimum 1 page, MLA typed
The Crucible

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Agenda Sept. 19-23

The Grapes of Wrath

Individually, write marginalia on post-its on Steinbeck's "Americans and the Land."
Journal #5: In groups, in your McGraw-Hill Reader, answer the following questions: Composition #s 1 &3; Rhetoric #s1,2 &6; Writing #1
HW Turn in Intercalary essay to

Collect Hard Copies
-teacher selected share
Review deductive vs.  inductive reasoning
Group Share Journal #5
-decide whether or not Steinbeck's essay uses deductive or inductive logic
HW Review GOW chapters 22, 26 and 30
AND, study Vocabulary for quiz tomorrow (be able to use words properly in 15 min)
AND, GOW Book Test on Monday
-test will include an OPTIC, vocabulary, questions on review chapters and Steinbeck's philosophies.

Vocabulary Quiz
Respond to Chapter review questions (3-Chair?)
-class discussion or discussion, depending on time
Introduce the Rhetorical Box HANDOUT
-answer how does this format move beyond SOAPSTone
-whole group (class) practice
Set up Groups for tomorrow
HW Begin Review for GOW Book Test

In groups, create a poster size rhetorical box on your selected/assigned magazine advertisement
-present to class
HW Continue Review of materials for GOW Book Test
AND, Journal #6: select a magazine ad!!! of your choosing and complete a rhetorical box on your own.  Be prepared to have a neighbor grade you based on completeness .  Tomorrow may be too soon to have this due.  I'll check on Tuesday.

-SAT Rubric
-AP Rubric
-6pt Rubric
Journal #7:  Rewrite one paragraph from your baseline essay.  Bullet several corrections you decided to make and why you thought they were appropriate this second time around.

Neighbor Share and Grade Rhetorical Box
Questions about Test on Monday?
Select a topic on which to write your GOW Annotated Bibliography
-see Necessary News for Topic suggestions

GOW Book Test
Annotated Bibliography Assignment
-Works Cited
Bring Lit. Rings this week and McGraw-Hill Reader

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekly Agenda Sept 12-16

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Rhetorical Devices Flow Chart

GoW Literary Terms
-rings: intercalary, juxtaposition, etc.
Intercalary Essay
  • assignment: model and rubric
  • looking for themes
  • model close reading
  • annotation (SOAPSTone)
Group work on chapters: share annotations/explications and working theses.
HW Write typed roughdraft for Wed. Final Essay due to Monday, Sept 19 by 11:59pm, and bring the final hard copy to turn in Tuesday.

Notes on California history as it relates to GoW as told by Kevin Starr.
Passage imitation as a means of analyzing style.
-Steinbeck's style
-practice close-imitation of your assigned chapter.
-read your chapter aloud to hear nuance of language.
HW Essay draft due tomorrow.

Peer Review Drafts
-check for WHAT, HOW, and WHY (see flow chart)
-check formatting
-check g/m; spelling and such
GoW Vocabulary List
-concept circles
HW Read Steinbeck's Nobel prize acceptance speech: write journal #3 (use journal format).

Non-Fiction Independent Reading List (Save for next week)
-brief book talk (if you want to more on the books, check out Amazon's book reviews)
Review Entry #3
Need to hear it again? Go to YouTube and type in Guthrie Tom Joad. While you're there listen and watch Blowin' down the Road.

HW choose your independent book and begin reading ASAP;
AND Consider the lyrics to the Guthrie song:
1. Does Guthrie's music and lyrics match your understanding of Tom Joad's experience?
2. At the end of the song, what impression to you think Guthrie wants to leave you with?
3. Who might a target audience have been for this song?
4. Focus on specific lyrics, is there any significance in Guthrie's lyrics as they interpret Steinbeck's narrative?
5. What other subjects from the book would have made interesting music?
HW Listen to song, print out lyrics if you need, and answer above questions, Journal #4

Vocab Quiz next Wednesday
Review Guthrie lyrics and questions
Literary Terms
-rings: deductive vs. inductive reasoning, logic, argument
Hand back corrected work
HW Essay due Monday by 11:59 to
And, get independent reading book, check for book next WED.
And, Read Steinbeck's "American's and the Land" for Monday, bring McGraw-Hill and journal for Monday.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly Agenda Sept. 6-9

The Grapes of Wrath

Analyzing Images using OPTIC
-Dorothea Lange photography
HW Complete your own OPTIC on a picture of your choice from The History Place's Website on Dorothea Lange's work.

Review OPTIC
Get McGraw-Hill Reader
-identify useful information
-the benefits of marginalia
HW Read "How to Mark a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler and 3-level questions.
And, print a short article from the website search.

Tips for finding a good article:
-not more than 2-3 pages
-has a clear author
-is easy to summarize

IN THE NEWS format and instructions
MLA style handout

Define Socialism and Humanism
HW Journal #2 Find evidence in GOW that supports these two philosophies. Explore how they may have influenced his writing; and, link the language of Jim Casey to either philosophy.
AND, type up In The NEWs per formats (see handouts)

Peer Review typed In The News
-check format
Review HW
-quaker share
Define intercalary
HW Annotate assigned chapter and create working thesis