Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly Agenda August 31-Sept. 2

Finish 3-level Question Practice
-get handout
Journal Entry Format
-get handout
-controversy over Muslim women wearing the hijab
HW Complete #1 and 2 of Journal Format. If you would like to read the full articles about the hijab, see links below.

Review usefulness of Blog
Check course outline signatures
Review Journal entry Format
-students share #1 and 2
-complete #3 (Freewrite) portion of Journal Entry Format
-guide to self-grading journal entries
Student Survey and Reading Inventory
If time, review timed essay basics
HW Mark up text (Zeitoun) in preparation for Baseline Essay tomorrow.

Check Course Outline Signatures
Baseline Essay
-you may use your book
-prompts will be provided
-plan on spending the entire class writing
HW Read and bring The Grapes of Wrath for Tuesday