Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Agenda April 25-29

OPTIC on image from Civil War
Review Break HW
-discussing the text
-rhetorical devices
HW Their Eyes Essay due tonight to

AP Practice: Review figures of speech (schemes and tropes)
The Red Badge of Courage Close Reading Quiz
-3 options


Background on the textMemoir
-style and devices
Drafted and Goodbye Letter
-Journal #34
HW Read Chapter 1 for and write 3qs.
AND answer: How many figures of speech can you identify? And, what is their effect?


Quaker Share #34
What would you carry?
Share excerpts from Chapter 1
HW Read "Love", "Spin" and "Rainy River" for Monday
AND identify stylistic devices. Define ambiguity, ambivalence, and apathy. In what way do these ideas create a new sense of what it means to fight in war?

Continue watching documentary

Platoon movie excerpt
-sensation of 'being' in Vietnam
Platoon and Hamburger Hill movie excerpts
HW Read "How to Tell a True War Story"
AP Practice Multiple choice Review
Geography Notes

Vocabulary List
-create concept circles
Conversations assignment
Multiple Choice Practice
-pair share
Look at Chapters "Enemies" and "Friends" and write a short paragraph for Journal # 35 in which you discuss why O'Brien places these chapters together. Comment on the structure of the novel, the chronology, the juxtaposition of specific themes and stories.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Agenda April 4-8

Monday & Tuesday
Typed Draft #1 due
  • peer reponse
  • style guide edit
  • working on balancing our sentence structures
HW Draft #2 due THURSDAY
HW Journal #3o & #31: Independent Reading

College Center Presentations
HW Don't forget, draft #2 tomorrow

Thursday & Friday
Return Their Eyes Were Watching God and Huckleberry Finn
and get The Things They Carried and The Red Badge of Courage

  • Read Around and Peer Edit
Their Eyes Were Watching God Final Essay is due to Monday, April 25th.

READ The Red Badge of Courage and answer the following questions in your journal. Expect to show me your journal entries for HW credit and expect a reading quiz the day you return.
  • Hard Copy of Their Eyes Were Watching God Final Essay, two drafts and one outline to turn in Monday the 25th.
  • Read The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane: count 150 pages toward your 500 required pages for Independent Reading
  • -->2 10 pt Journal Entries, #32 & #33
#32-Look up Realism, Naturalism and Existentialism. How does Crane's depiction of war differ from a more romantic portrayal? Record specific language and imagery that suggests that Crane did not agree that war was romantic or something to be celebrated. How is nature (the Universe) seemingly indifferent to the plight of man? Record language. Explain.

#33-What elements of Crane's style help to create a sense of realism? How does Crane achieve pathos? What language supports the sense that war is less about acts of heroism or cowardice and more about ambivalence? How is war personified? What is meant by the ending sentence of Chapter 20, "And they were men."
  • Reading Quiz when you return
So you know, reading will not be assigned in The Things They Carried until we return from break.

Review The Red Badge of Courage Journal Entries
Introduction to The Things they Carried by Tim O'Brien
Journal #35: write Goodbye Letter
Dear America Documentary
The Things They Carried
  • background
  • geo/political history