Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Agenda March 7-11

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Monday-Wednesday (CAHSEE testing: 4 on Tuesday, and 5 on Wednesday)
TELLING Presentations
Intraracism (notes)
-excerpt from The Bluest Eye
The Harlem Renaissance (notes)
-timeline and key influential characters
HW See Reading Schedule

Thursday & Friday
Journal #28
Connect to Their Eyes: Does Berry inadvertently set up a critically problematic polarity between light and dark skin African Americans in the last section of the essay? Citing evidence from both texts and your own experience, write a paragraph or two on the importance of color in modern America.
HW (from last week) Journal Entry #27: How do men in Their Eyes reinforce male stereotypes? How does Janie's complacency placate her men? And how does Janie's sexuality allow her to reclaim her life after two oppressive marriages? What role does TeaCake play in her sexual/spiritual awakening?
Review Berry
Connect conclusions from last nights journal entry to excerpts from Obama's speech on race.
-pair share and present
HW Continue Reading and
HW Read Obama's speech on race, record and connect 2 pieces of evidence to Berry and Hurston

Pico Iyer
-explore term and evidence
-identify in Their Eyes
--create a glossary entry for term and share
Review Text
3-Q discussion
Power of Language
Introduce Blues
-connection to folklore and sermons
-apply to their eyes

The Parody/Dialect Assignment
Finish Reading