Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Agenda March 28-April 1

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Monday & Tuesday
Style Analysis Group Work
-refuting/supporting Richard Wright's claim
HW Complete Rhetorical Terms Sheet for Tuesday

Finish Style Analysis and share conclusions: Evidence!!
Study Guide

Essay Outline due: handwritten okay, for credit.
Pair Share Quote Analysis:
Pair up with someone with a similar prompt/thesis. Pick two quotations to freewrite and then share responses. Lastly, peer review topic sentences and evidence.
HW: Study

Thursday & Friday
Unit Test
You'll be able to hold onto your books until Tuesday or Wednesday; you should plan on giving back your books in exchange for our new texts The Things They Carried and The Red Badge of Courage.
HW Journal Entry #29: Independent Reading Format


Introduce The Things They Carried with a documentary and historical context.
Draft #1 due Monday
Draft #2 due Thursday
Final due to, April 25th