Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Agenda Feb 28-Mar 1

Hurston & Twain


Twain bio/background
Review Huck Finn
-story-telling as art
Perspectives of African -Americans in late 1800's
-evidence in Huck Finn
General stereotypes in caricature
HW Revise paragraph from Gould timed writing #25

Perspectives of African -Americans in late 1800's
General stereotypes in caricature
The Minstrel
"Telling" Elements
Review Their Eyes Ch's 3-6
HW Read in McGraw-Hill p228
"Sex, Lies and Conversation"
AND argue that Tannen's premise is true or not with personal experiences. How can you apply her ideas to your own relationships?
Find examples of anecdote, statistics, social science, appeal to authority, and definition. Which is most convincing for you and why?

Review Tannen
Power of Language
-gossip "the porch"
--prayer language
Connect to Tannen
Intraracism (notes)
-excerpt from The Bluest Eye
HW Watch Brer Rabbit excerpt and draw conclusions based on stereotypes and folklore
HW Independent Reading Journal Entry #26

Reflection on Brer Rabbit
-Disney's role in perpetuating stereotypes in US, in World
The Harlem Renaissance (notes)
-timeline and key influential characters
HW See Reading Schedule
HW Bennett and Hughes poetry-connect to Their Eyes and identify figurative language. Create glossary entry for figurative language type.

Review Bennett and Hughes
-share figurative language and rhetorical strategies
-content: how do images match our understanding of the black experience during Reconstruction and the Harlem Renaissance?
HW Journal Entry #27: How do men in Their Eyes reinforce male stereotypes? How does Janie's complacency placate her men? And how does Janie's sexuality allow her to reclaim her life after two oppressive marriages? What role does TeaCake play in her sexual/spiritual awakening?
-Prepare for Telling
And make headway in independent book. Make sure your journal is up to date.