Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Agenda Feb 22-25

Twain & Hurston

3-Chair review Journal Entry #24
Complete glossary entry for humor using Twain Excerpt
Bio/background on Mark Twain
HW Another glossary entry on humor, tomorrow will check both
Bring Their Eyes tomorrow

Analyzing Twain's style
-label rhetorical devices
Hurston Background
Read Beginning of Their Eyes Were Watching God
Style Analysis
-word choice
-Biblical allusions
Pair Work-style worksheet
Reactions to the text
HW Hurton style analysis worksheet (only first 3 rows) and see reading schedule

Review Hurston Style Worksheet
-add new terms to rings
-finish remaining 3 rows of worksheet
HW "Telling" Choose a story to share with the class for Monday the 7th
Fill in foldables if time more bio/background
HW see schedule for reading

Modeling the "Think Aloud"
Chapter 2 review
Mother Nature Imagery
Word Choice
The Art of the Story-Telling
-folklore and our roots
Gould Papers back
-successes and pitfalls
IN-Class Revision
AND Read Chapter 1&2 of Huck Finn (click on the picture of Mark Twain)

Twain bio/background
Review Huck Finn
-story-telling as art
Perspectives of African -Americans in late 1800's
General stereotypes in caricature
HW Independent Reading Book Journal Entry