Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Agenda Dec 13-17

Billy Budd, Sailor
Writing Rubric

Mon - Wed
Review Drafts
-peer edit
Return The Crucible
Watch PierrePoint, The Last Hangman
Review Journal #17
HW 2nd more complete draft due Thursday

Thurs & Fri
Review drafts
-Read Around
Multiple Choice Practice (if time)

NEW DUE DATE: Turn in final drafts to by Jan 3rd, 11:59pm.
You may turn papers in as early as Dec 17th, hard copies Jan 4th.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Billy Budd Argument Paper

This past week we have jumped all over our agenda and I would like to clarify what our writing process has been and where are we going with it.
First and foremost, we read through the prompt and and are responsible for creating a thesis with the dependent-independent clause construction. Today we recorded our working theses on post-its and bullet ed the general idea of the paragraphs to follow.

Thursday and Friday, we will break into groups, give feedback on theses, and generate counterarguments. Additionally, we will review signal phrases, parallelism and the rhetorical question. I have one more piece for you to read; and hopefully, we will be able to answer questions for Journal #17 as a class. (Our ability to do this relies on students reading BB Chapter 24-30.) Then you will be on your own to find sources and write a draft.