Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Agenda Sept 7-8, 10

Welcome Back to School!
Please bookmark this page ASAP and refer to it weekly for up-to-date agendas and homework.

Read excerpt from A Long Way Gone
-practice 3-level questions (see handout)
-practice journal entry format (see handout)
-practice self-grading (see rubric)
HW Find 3 helpful items from this website.

Article and Statistics
Historical Background and Civil War
Practice Close Reading
Journal Entry #2
-present excerpt to class
HW Apply themes from A Long Way Gone to themes in up & coming unit

HW Find a blank map of the US and chart the Joad's travels (creativity is always welcomed). Record the most salient quotation underneath the map and be prepared to explain your choice. Presentation is important.

Peek-a-Boo Fall Course Outline