Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Agenda Sept 20-24

The Grapes of Wrath

Pair up and share/brainstorm regarding annotations and explication of intercalary chapter. information

California History as told by Kenneth Starr
-relevance to GoW
Passage imitation:
-noticing the subtleties in Steinbeck's writing
-apply to intercalary close reading
HW Intercalary essay typed draft due tomorrow

Peer Review drafts
-check for WHAT, HOW, and WHY (see flow chart)
-check formatting
-check g/m; spelling and such
class id: 3467516
password: BELIEVE
HW Steinbeck Nobel Prize Speech: journal entry #3 (use journal format)
Prepare to share

GoW Vocabulary List
-add to rings
Non-Fiction Independent Reading List (see To Print or Not To Print)
-book talk
Review entry #3
Folk Music and Woody Guthrie
Need to hear it again? Go to YouTube and type in Guthrie Tom Joad. While you're there listen and watch Blowin' down the Road.

HW choose your independent book and begin reading ASAP;
AND as Journal #6 consider the lyrics to the Guthrie song:
1. Does Guthrie's music and lyrics match your understanding of Tom Joad's experience?
2. At the end of the song, what impression to you think Guthrie wants to leave you with?
3. Who might a target audience have been for this song?
4. Focus on specific lyrics, is there any significance in Guthrie's lyrics as they interpret Steinbeck's narrative?
5. What other subjects from the book would have made interesting music?

Last opportunity to clarify or ask questions for Intercalary Essay
Review Guthrie lyrics and questions
Study Vocabulary
-concept circles
Add to Literary Terms
HW Intercalary Essay due to by 12pm, tomorrow.

GoW Annotated Bibliography
Review what qualifies as primary and secondary source.
Proquest, library, the web,
Works Cited
Choosing a topic
Sample & Rubric