Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Agenda Sept 27-Oct 1

The Grapes of Wrath

Collect hard copies of intercalary essay
-Quaker share
Review Topic interest
Vocabulary Review
-students create concept circles and swap
Steinbeck in McGraw/Hill Reader
-for Journal #5 respond to questions: Comp #1, Rhetoric #2&5 AND full journal format and decide whether or not Steinbeck uses deductive or inductive reasoning.
HW for WED: find one picture for your topic, print.
for THURS: bring GoW books and more sources


Vocabulary Quiz
Review Picture, quick OPTIC
Inductive and Deductive reasoning (rings)
Count off for groups and select magazine pictures

Continue Group Work
-create posters
-connect major GoW to major philosphies
-facilitate class share
Review Sources
-share and compare
HW for MON, Journal #6: Complete your rhetorical box with an ad of your choice

Review Baseline Essay
-SAT Rubric
-AP Rubric
-Writing Rubric
Rewrite one paragraph in journal
Source CHECK
GoW Unit TEST: Vocab, questions, OPTIC
DO you have your independent reading book yet?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Agenda Sept 20-24

The Grapes of Wrath

Pair up and share/brainstorm regarding annotations and explication of intercalary chapter. information

California History as told by Kenneth Starr
-relevance to GoW
Passage imitation:
-noticing the subtleties in Steinbeck's writing
-apply to intercalary close reading
HW Intercalary essay typed draft due tomorrow

Peer Review drafts
-check for WHAT, HOW, and WHY (see flow chart)
-check formatting
-check g/m; spelling and such
class id: 3467516
password: BELIEVE
HW Steinbeck Nobel Prize Speech: journal entry #3 (use journal format)
Prepare to share

GoW Vocabulary List
-add to rings
Non-Fiction Independent Reading List (see To Print or Not To Print)
-book talk
Review entry #3
Folk Music and Woody Guthrie
Need to hear it again? Go to YouTube and type in Guthrie Tom Joad. While you're there listen and watch Blowin' down the Road.

HW choose your independent book and begin reading ASAP;
AND as Journal #6 consider the lyrics to the Guthrie song:
1. Does Guthrie's music and lyrics match your understanding of Tom Joad's experience?
2. At the end of the song, what impression to you think Guthrie wants to leave you with?
3. Who might a target audience have been for this song?
4. Focus on specific lyrics, is there any significance in Guthrie's lyrics as they interpret Steinbeck's narrative?
5. What other subjects from the book would have made interesting music?

Last opportunity to clarify or ask questions for Intercalary Essay
Review Guthrie lyrics and questions
Study Vocabulary
-concept circles
Add to Literary Terms
HW Intercalary Essay due to by 12pm, tomorrow.

GoW Annotated Bibliography
Review what qualifies as primary and secondary source.
Proquest, library, the web,
Works Cited
Choosing a topic
Sample & Rubric

Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Agenda Sept 13-17

Course Outline
review homework
Analyzing Images (overhead)
-practice OPTIC
HW Do your own OPTIC on a picture of your choice from The Getty's website on Dorothea Lange's work

Review OPTIC
Get McGraw/Hill Reader
-identify useful information
-the benefits of marginalia
-start HW
HW "How to Mark a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler and 3-level Qs
Print on related article from website search

Tips for finding a good article:
~not more than 2-3 pages
~has a clear author
~is easy to summarize

IN THE NEWS format and instructions
MLA style handout

Define Socialism and Humanism
HW JOURNAL #2 find evidence that supports philosophical influence
AND identify language associated or said by character Jim Casey.
AND type up IN THE NEWS practice for Thursday
No problem, sorry this is so late but I had back-to-school at Grant.
This is what is says: Define Socialism and Humanism
HW JOURNAL #2 find evidence that supports philosophical influence
AND identify language associated or said by character Jim Casey

This is what you should do: In your journal, define socialism and humanism, find/identify evidence from Grapes that supports that these two philosophies influenced Steinbeck's writing of the novel. And, link language of Jim Casey to either philosophy.

I hope this helps and that it's not too late.
ms. stevens

Peer Review typed IN THE NEWS
-check format
Review HW
-quaker share
HW annotate assigned chapter and create working thesis

Rhetorical Devices Chart
Intercalary Essay
-assignment: model and rubric
-looking at themes
-modeling close reading
(SOAPSTone) information
Make sure you have a working student account on
HW Write draft of essay for Tuesday. Final due Friday to, hardcopy due Monday.

NEXT WEEK (Hopefully)
California History
as told by Kenneth Starr
relating history back to The Grapes of Wrath
Reading Quiz
Journal #3
-Mimic passage
-focus on style

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Agenda Sept 7-8, 10

Welcome Back to School!
Please bookmark this page ASAP and refer to it weekly for up-to-date agendas and homework.

Read excerpt from A Long Way Gone
-practice 3-level questions (see handout)
-practice journal entry format (see handout)
-practice self-grading (see rubric)
HW Find 3 helpful items from this website.

Article and Statistics
Historical Background and Civil War
Practice Close Reading
Journal Entry #2
-present excerpt to class
HW Apply themes from A Long Way Gone to themes in up & coming unit

HW Find a blank map of the US and chart the Joad's travels (creativity is always welcomed). Record the most salient quotation underneath the map and be prepared to explain your choice. Presentation is important.

Peek-a-Boo Fall Course Outline