Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Great Gatsby Reading Schedule

Due May 26th Ch 1 (26pp)

Due May 28th Ch 2 (20pp)

Due June 1st Ch 3&4 (41pp)

Due June 4th Ch 5&6 (21pp)

Due June 8th Ch 7&8 (50pp)

Due June 11th Ch 9



-colors, time, money (references to wealth), West=New vs. East=Old, automobiles, mobility, ash & dust


-morality, god and religion (or lack of), alcoholism, hedonism, materialism, race, social class

and any reference to THE AMERICAN DREAM

Anticipate these Activities:

-Pages Inventory (or quizzes)

-Journal Entries

-s/m/t chart (as prewriting to timed final)

-Daily Seminar

-Daily Vocabulary

-Literary Devices

-Notes on historical context

-McGraw/Hill Supplementary Readings

-The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot

--journal entry (May 24th-26th)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Agenda May 17-21


DAY 1-In the News Presentations

in your

Group Research
-synthesize sources
-check off which sources satisfy requirements
-begin writing annotations
-structure paper

-authoritative online sources
-field research
-evaluating credibility
-interpreting sources (rhetorical box; OPTIC)

DAY 2-IN the News Presentations

Writing your Paper:
-combining source materials
-quoting (integrating: signal phrases, brackets, ellipses, etc)

MLA Style
-format reminders
-in-text citations
-list of Works Cited
-creating an appendix

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That book I was talking about...

WAR by Sebastian Junger
They wore their trousers unbloused from their boots and tied amulets around their necks and shuffled around the outpost in flip-flops jury-rigged from the packing foam used in missile crates. Toward the end of their tour they'd go through entire firefights in nothing but gym shorts and unlaced boots, cigarettes hanging out of their lips. When the weather got too hot they chopped their shirts off below the armpit and then put on body armor so they'd sweat less but still look like they were in uniform. They carried long knives and for a while one guy went on operations with a small samurai sword in his belt. The rocks ripped their pants to shreds and they occasionally found themselves more or less exposed on patrol. A few had "INFIDEL" tattooed in huge letters across their chests. ("That's what the enemy calls us on their radios," one man explained, "so why not?") Others had tattoos of angel wings sprouting from bullets or bombs. The men were mostly in their early twenties, and many of them have known nothing but life at home with their parents and war.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Agenda May 8-12

On Wednesday, at 7:15, students will take the Language and Composition AP Test. This week will be dedicated to reviewing the practice AP and prepping for the up & coming research paper.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Agenda May 3-7

Carry Over Agenda from Last Friday:
Read Michael Kazin's "A Patriotic Left"
-enumerate persuasive techniques
Read Josiah Bunting, III "Class Warfare"
and poem
Dulce Et Decorum Est
In groups, create a multi-layered rhetorical box and then compare and contrast the 3 texts in journal entry #36 (Challenge: IN the box, identify rhetorical devices; Outside the box, state how those devices enhance meaning)
HW Finish class work

Review Rhetorical Boxes:
-Note similarities
-m/c practice
Platoon Movie
HW Finish Book for Thursday (final inventory)

AP Essay Norming Groups
-grade 2/3 essays and pick one for ms. stevens to grade
HW Pick a Topic and a group

Review the book
Finish Platoon
HW Find evidence related to your readings
AND make sure ms. stevens has all of your work as the end of the grading period is tomorrow. Journals due MONDAY

Group Research Assignment
-planning, individual assignments, organization
-DUE MAY 17th to
Reminders: How to cite sources, etc.
HW Optional practice AP essay prompts and m/c
AND Independent Reading Journal Entry #37