Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Agenda Mar 15-19

College/Career Presentations
HW Read Chapters 3&4 of Huck Finn

TUES/WED (CAHSEE testing: block schedule)
Review ending of Their Eyes
-3Q discussion
Power of Language
Introduce Blues
-state difference from Minstrel Songs
-connection to folklore and sermons
-apply to their eyes
(In groups, use language from Their Eyes to write a blues song, share out.) Save for more time.

Hand back Staples/Ascher Timed Writing
HW Independent Book Journal Entry #29
And rewrite one paragraph from Staples/Ascher essay, as Journal #30. Please highlight all changes and label which paragraph it is (Intro, Body 1, 2 or Conclusion)

-Essay Prompts-DUE MONDAY April 12th to

Style Definitions:
-simple/perfect tense
Break into Style Analysis Groups (working with R. Wright's criticism) 1-5 and follow handout instructions
-present style analysis argument against Richard Wright's Criticism
-if time, mention parallel between director of
Precious and Spike Lee's criticism of director's key character
HW Finish Style Analysis Handouts

Finish notes on Power of Language and Stereotypes
-more on identifying and analyzing humor The Onion
Mon-EAP Testing, Study Guide-Concept Circles
Tues-Parody Presentations OPEN HOUSE-EARLY RELEASE
Wed-Parody Presentations
Thurs-Begin Book Test
Fri-Finish Book Test, feedback on Essays if time.