Friday, March 26, 2010

AP Practice over Spring Break

Please open this pdf file for a practice free response with student samples. You may time yourself and then compare your responses to the samples.
45 Minutes
Good Luck!

I just checked this and it seems to have a hard time loading, check back soon. 4/5

Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Agenda Mar 22-26

EAP Testing
Check Style Analysis
Study Guide
HW STUDY, roughdraft

Review, Organize and Add to Portfolios
Parody Presentations


Parody Presentations


75 minute test

  • Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay with 2 optional drafts to
  • Read The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane: count 142 pages toward your 500 required pages for Independent Reading
  • -->2 15 pt Journal Entries, #31 & 32:
31-Look up Realism, Naturalism and Existentialism. How does Crane's depiction of war differ from a more romantic portrayal? Record specific language and imagery that suggests that Crane did not agree that war was romantic or something to be celebrated. How is nature (the Universe) seemingly indifferent to the plight of man? Record language.

32-What elements of Crane's style help to create a sense of realism? How does Crane achieve pathos? What language supports the sense that war is less about acts of heroism or cowardice and more about ambivalence? How is war personified? What is meant by the ending sentence of Chapter 20, "And they were men" (p122).
  • Reading Quiz when you return

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Agenda Mar 15-19

College/Career Presentations
HW Read Chapters 3&4 of Huck Finn

TUES/WED (CAHSEE testing: block schedule)
Review ending of Their Eyes
-3Q discussion
Power of Language
Introduce Blues
-state difference from Minstrel Songs
-connection to folklore and sermons
-apply to their eyes
(In groups, use language from Their Eyes to write a blues song, share out.) Save for more time.

Hand back Staples/Ascher Timed Writing
HW Independent Book Journal Entry #29
And rewrite one paragraph from Staples/Ascher essay, as Journal #30. Please highlight all changes and label which paragraph it is (Intro, Body 1, 2 or Conclusion)

-Essay Prompts-DUE MONDAY April 12th to

Style Definitions:
-simple/perfect tense
Break into Style Analysis Groups (working with R. Wright's criticism) 1-5 and follow handout instructions
-present style analysis argument against Richard Wright's Criticism
-if time, mention parallel between director of
Precious and Spike Lee's criticism of director's key character
HW Finish Style Analysis Handouts

Finish notes on Power of Language and Stereotypes
-more on identifying and analyzing humor The Onion
Mon-EAP Testing, Study Guide-Concept Circles
Tues-Parody Presentations OPEN HOUSE-EARLY RELEASE
Wed-Parody Presentations
Thurs-Begin Book Test
Fri-Finish Book Test, feedback on Essays if time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Agenda Mar 8-12

Review Journal #27
Check Glossary entry on Poems from last Thursday
Group Work on Questions from #27
-hand in group work
Practice Telling in small groups
HW Perfect your Story

HW Read "Intraracism" essay by Bertice Berry
Journal #28
Connect to Their Eyes: Does Berry inadvertently set up a critically problematic polarity between light and dark skin African Americans in the last section of the essay? Citing evidence from both texts and your own experience, write a paragraph or two on the importance of color in modern America.

Review Berry
HW Read Obama's speech on race, record and connect 2 pieces of evidence to Berry and Hurston

Connect conclusions from last nights journal entry to excerpts from Obama's speech on race.
-pair share and present
Pico Iyer
-explore term and evidence
-identify in Their Eyes
--create a glossary entry for term and share
HW Continue Reading and

Review Text
3-Q discussion
Power of Language
Introduce Blues
-connection to folklore and sermons
-apply to their eyes

The Parody/Dialect Assignment
HW Finish Reading