Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Agenda Feb 8-12

Poster Presentations
Review Rhetorical Box
Expanded examples of parallelism and balanced paragraphs
HW Write a balanced or parallel paragraph by rewriting the truths and rights (as in the Declaration) as they would apply to high school students. NOTE: I made a mistake in class, please reread the first two paragraphs of the Declaration to mimic Jefferson's "truths and rights," pages 305-306 in McGraw-Hill refer to his "facts" or complaints against the King. Some of you will figure this out on your own though.

"Declaration of Independence"
& "I have a Dream"
Share excerpts from Journal
-Quaker share student's "truths and rights"
New Literary Terms for rings
HW Read Stanton and answer multiple choice

In-class, answer essay questions regarding Stanton piece
-share and compare
Review m/c questions
HW Read Tannen Essay and answer m/c and #2 long answer

Overhead, comment on images of women in America
-connect to Stanton essay
Review Tannen
Read Gould piece and answer m/c

Review Gould m/c
Discussion Questions
-cultural vs biological determinism
HW Review Rhetorical Elements in "Women's Brains"

Next Week
In-Class Essay 45 minutes
Responding to Gould essay
for AP grade