Monday, February 1, 2010

Spring Semester 2/2/2010

Hand Back Papers
Argument Essay Reflection
Mid-Year Portfolio Reflection
Review Formats

Review Assessments
Book Talk

Sam Leith's FT article
"Obama's Oratory"
-annotate article
-GRP (Guided Reading Response)
HW Via link (see below) choose one of the four speeches, print it out, annotate and complete a GRP (you can use the backside of the original handout)
What will you have with you tomorrow for class:
-one of Obama's speeches, annotated
-a completed GRP
-your literary term rings
-your McGraw-Hill reader

In groups choose a way to visually organize the information on poster paper
and complete glossary entries for the terms you identified in the speeches.
Due at the end of class.
HW In McGraw -Hill Reader:
What is the America Dream p304
The Declaration of Independence p305
In your journal #22 complete a rhetorical box
I Have a Dream p309
Answer Question Rhetoric #3 and Questions for Comparisons #1