Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Agenda 12/7-12/11 & 12/14-12/18


Check Annotations for BB Ch 1
-review 3qs
Vocab List
-transfer 3-5 to rings
IN the News sign up
HW see reading schedule

Brief Characterization Summary
-write short summaries using appropriate vocab words
Check and Review Chapters 2-5
-assign questions, identify logic
HW Finish Mencken "The Penalty of Death" McGraw-Hill Reader pp85
Comp 1-3
Rhetoric 5,6
Write 1 (instead of entire essay write a freewrite paragraph)

Review Mencken
King piece
Opinion on a Continuum
2-corner debate
Finish Questions for King essay and reading
Vocab quiz Friday
Journal #16 (Mencken and King)

Check and Review Chapters 6-9
-clarify elements of plot, etc.
HW see reading
AND print out new vocab list 10-19

Vocab Quiz
-next quiz next Friday
Argument Terms and Structure
2-Corner Debate
HW Reading due

Check and Review Chapters
Group Complete Essential Questions
-write on separate paper to be inserted into Journal as #17

Continue discussion of BB Ch 10-15
Assign Thomas Paine
-rhetorical box
HW finish box and see reading schedule

Check and Review Chapters
Group Questions (cont Journal 17)

HW see reading schedule

Argument Packet
HW supplemental reading: Foucault :read the first sections, "Background." Feel free to read earlier if it interests you, eventually it will come in handy when you write your essay.

Vocab Quiz
Check and review chapters
Review Essay Assignment
Journal Entry #19
Record the persuasive elements of Vere's speech:
1. When does he shift styles (change in tone), or how does he adjust his speech for his audience?
2. Identify and outline Vere's thesis, supporting evidence and conclusion?
3. What is his most persuasive point and why?
4. Are you convinced by the end of his speech? What decision would you make and why?
HW Finish Reading Billy Budd and annotating chapters. Write an outline for your essay: working thesis, and evidence (see graphic organizer). Final essay will be due JAN 11 to by 10pm.
AND, complete one Journal Entry #20 in your independent reading book. Finish reading your book!!
AND, respond to one or more of the student questions posted at for credit.

BILLY BUDD Vocabulary
If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, I suggest you visit the following link and click on Billy Budd: 38-page vocabulary list.