Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Agenda 11/16-11/20

Practice 3-Chair or Tap Out
1) Why has The Crucible held up so well? What makes it still worth reading and performing?
2) Is John Proctor a "tragic" hero? Explain you answer.
3) What is the central conflict in the play? Think big, conflicts directly relate to universal ideas.
*You may cite evidence from Miller's "Why I wrote The Crucible."
HW Be prepared to share excerpts from Witch hunt tomorrow. AND bring in Independent Reading Books WED.
5th -if we do get to see the Cirque show then we will have the seminar on Wed.

4th-Fishbowl Seminar
Quaker Share Witch Hunts for classwork credit

5th-Fishbowl Seminar
Independent Reading Circles
-one thing you have learned from this book so far
4th-looking at essays and details from Salem Reader

5th-Make up WED and SSR
HW Read Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" (alternative online text) and identify symbols, imagery, historical & biblical allusions, connections to The Crucible. Interpret the ending, what message does Hawthorne leave us to ponder?

Review "Young Goodman Brown"
Groups: Complete a rhetorical box for story
-Share out
3-Chair Practice: Who survives "the crucible" in Salem? Why?
NO HW (keep reading Independent Reading book)

Timed Essay on The Crucible
-journal entry #14
SSR-Book Check for next WED
-journal entry #15
Revisit Cornell Notes
Synthesis Timed Writing
-In class essay
Billy Budd