Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekly Agenda 10/5-10/9 & 10/12-10/16


Clarifying questions for Intercalary Essay
Review Questions on Woody Guthrie
Finding Sources for Research
-the web
Works Cited
Sample Annotated Bibliography
-return practice In The News
HW work on essay
AND, brainstorm potential topic for Annotated Bibliography

Review kinds of Sources
-primary, secondary
What does the sample contain
Annotated Bibliography due date Oct 19th to
HW Intercalary Essay due to tomorrow by 10PM

WED (Ms. Stevens will be back next Wed, I LOVE the 3rd person!)
Library research day
-find books related to your topic
HW Find at least one picture related to your topic to bring to class tomorrow

Complete an OPTIC analysis of your picture
Consider AP Rubric, Writing Rubric and SAT rubric
Compare to Baseline Essay
-grade yourself
-Choose a paragraph to rewrite and attach to essay to turn back in
HW Find another source for your topic

Review Rhetorical Box
-familiarize yourself with unknown language
Rhetorical Strategies
Count off into groups of 3-4
-select magazine advertisement
-With posters (actual size!) copy box and fill in appropriate responses based on ad
HW Complete Source search for Monday
AND get your Independent Nonfiction Book
AND get your hands on The Crucible by Arthur Miller for TUES 10/20


Source Check
In groups, finish rhetorical box poster with ad
-present to class
In same groups, review vocabulary inventory and rings
Fill out concept circles to study for vocabulary
HW Complete your own rhetorical box with an ad of your choice for WED
If needed, complete concept circles

Vocab quiz
GoW Unit Test Friday
-Study Guide
Steinbeck Essay/or Contemporary Article
Journal Entry #6
HW Finish Journal and Prepare drafts of Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Check
-questions, trouble-shooting
Comments on Rhetorical Box Analysis
Share comments from the Discussion Board
Prepare for the test
HW You are writing your annotated bibliography and studying for the comprehensive GoW test
AND, respond to the discussion board prompt directly from the test!!

Begin GoW test


Finish GoW Test
HW Annotated Bibliography due to by 10PM Monday, OCTOBER 26th