Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Agenda 9/21-9/25

Grapes of Wrath quiz
-analyzing images
Share Mimic
-read alouds
HW Do your own O.P.T.I.C. on a Dorthea Lange picture from website
(Migrant Mother by Dorthea Lange
In the OPTIC homework, I ask you to draw a conclusion based on this photograph. Many of you continue to conclude how the parts are related (the interrelationships), rather than imagine the message Lange is trying to convey. I see a women who is swept up in a process that is larger than her and hence, she stares ahead, mesmerized by a dream that is unacheivable. Her children require her shelter or are ashamed, as their mother's work-hardened and manly arms demurely touch her chin. In some ways, she lives in a paradox of that which she strives for and that which will never be, but hope still does not evade her and her cheeky infant, sleeping beneath her breast indicates such.)

Get McGraw/Hill Reader
-identifying useful information (post-its)
-the benefits of marginalia
-start HW
HW "How to Mark a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler and 3 level questions
and print one related article from website search

Tips for finding a good article:
~not more than 2-3 pages
~has a clear author
~is easy to summarize

IN the News format and instructions
MLA style Handout
Socialism and Humanism
AND identify language associated or said by character Jim Casey and write Journal Entry #4: Define socialism and humanism in your vocabulary section, collect language from the Jim Casey character from The Grapes of Wrath and connect how Casey's language reflects your understanding of either socialism of humanism.
AND type up practice IN the News for Tuesday (was Friday).

Review HW
-quaker share
Look closely at Jim Casey character and language used to describe
Looking at California History as told by Kenneth Starr
-relating history back to GoW
HW see Wednesday

Group Work
-in groups, review and discuss the assigned chapters
-respond to questions on a poster a be prepared to present finding to class on Tuesday
HW see Wednesday

-identifying themes in intercalary chapters, make casual listI
Peer Review (check grading) IN the News practice type up
-feed back
-reminders and sign up for presentation
Choose Intercalary Chapters
-assignment: model and rubric
-looking at themes
How to conduct a close-reading
-annotation info
-annotate assigned chapter and create working thesis and make sure you have working student account on