Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Agenda 9/14-9/18

Curious Incident Quiz
Student Survey and Index Cards
Collect Reader Writer Inventory
-review titles and writing assignments from the past
Review Literary Terms
-exploring and explaining
HW Create 3-Level Questions on Curious Incident
AND bring books tomorrow

Review 3-Qs
-discussion credit
Creating Lists
-making sense
-categorizing and creating pattern
New Literary Terms associated with Curious Incident
-deductive vs. inductive reasoning
-elements of humor
-red herring
HW Glossary Entry for 2 literary terms (see format)

Review HW
Journal Entry #2
-excerpt(s) from Curious Incident
-Practice format and self-grading
Buddy Pairing
Essay Prep
-Jigsaw Foldables
--review basic essay elements
-Share and clarify with Buddy
HW Make sure you bring your book tomorrow

Baseline Essay
-in-class, timed writing
HW Collect Parent Signatures and materials check
AND Create 3-level questions about Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath quiz
Review 3-level questions
-class discussion credit
Looking at language in Grapes
HW Journal Entry #3: isolate language and analyze it or mimic it in your freewrite section.