Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekly Agenda 9/28-10/2

Yom Kippur

Back to School Night
Early Dismissal
Peer Review IN the News practice
-sign your name
Choose 3 intercalary chapters from The Grapes of Wrath and brainstorm how the language emphasizes the overall theme or message of the chapter. In other words, how might Steinbeck employ style (literary devices) to relay theme; and finally, how might the chapter theme connect to an overall theme of the book.
HW: finish brainstorm

GoW vocabulary
-3x5 rings
-making meaning
--defining in context
Working through rhetorical analysis of intercalary chapters.
Intercalary Chapter assignment and rubric
DUE NEXT WED by 10PMto turnitin.com
HW Steinbeck Nobel Prize Speech Journal Entry #5, be prepared to share tomorrow.

Review Steinbeck speech
-connect to themes in GoW
Intercalary Model Essay
-annotating your chapters
-sample mark up
Work together on chapter, outlining essay
HW Bring in annotated chapter, literary and vocabulary rings

Last opportunity to clarify or ask questions for Intercalary Essay
Non-Fiction Independent Reading List (see To Print or Not To Print)
-book talk
Folk Music and Woody Guthrie
Woody Guthrie Song
Need to hear it again? Go to YouTube and type in Guthrie Tom Joad. While you're there listen and watch Blowin' down the Road.

HW choose your independent book and begin reading ASAP;
AND Consider the lyrics to the Guthrie song:
1. Does Guthrie's music and lyrics match your understanding of Tom Joad's experience?
2. At the end of the song, what impression to you think Guthrie wants to leave you with?
3. Who might a target audience have been for this song?
4. Focus on specific lyrics, is there any significance in Guthrie's lyrics as they interpret Steinbeck's narrative?
5. What other subjects from the book would have made interesting music?


Please register your student information at turnitin.com if you don't already have an account.
11ap Class registration information is
Class Id # 2899207
password TURTLES

In order to receive credit for registering you must respond to the discussion board by Oct 15th.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Agenda 9/21-9/25

Grapes of Wrath quiz
-analyzing images
Share Mimic
-read alouds
HW Do your own O.P.T.I.C. on a Dorthea Lange picture from website
(Migrant Mother by Dorthea Lange
In the OPTIC homework, I ask you to draw a conclusion based on this photograph. Many of you continue to conclude how the parts are related (the interrelationships), rather than imagine the message Lange is trying to convey. I see a women who is swept up in a process that is larger than her and hence, she stares ahead, mesmerized by a dream that is unacheivable. Her children require her shelter or are ashamed, as their mother's work-hardened and manly arms demurely touch her chin. In some ways, she lives in a paradox of that which she strives for and that which will never be, but hope still does not evade her and her cheeky infant, sleeping beneath her breast indicates such.)

Get McGraw/Hill Reader
-identifying useful information (post-its)
-the benefits of marginalia
-start HW
HW "How to Mark a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler and 3 level questions
and print one related article from website search

Tips for finding a good article:
~not more than 2-3 pages
~has a clear author
~is easy to summarize

IN the News format and instructions
MLA style Handout
Socialism and Humanism
AND identify language associated or said by character Jim Casey and write Journal Entry #4: Define socialism and humanism in your vocabulary section, collect language from the Jim Casey character from The Grapes of Wrath and connect how Casey's language reflects your understanding of either socialism of humanism.
AND type up practice IN the News for Tuesday (was Friday).

Review HW
-quaker share
Look closely at Jim Casey character and language used to describe
Looking at California History as told by Kenneth Starr
-relating history back to GoW
HW see Wednesday

Group Work
-in groups, review and discuss the assigned chapters
-respond to questions on a poster a be prepared to present finding to class on Tuesday
HW see Wednesday

-identifying themes in intercalary chapters, make casual listI
Peer Review (check grading) IN the News practice type up
-feed back
-reminders and sign up for presentation
Choose Intercalary Chapters
-assignment: model and rubric
-looking at themes
How to conduct a close-reading
Turnitin.com info
-annotate assigned chapter and create working thesis and make sure you have working student account on turnitin.com

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Agenda 9/14-9/18

Curious Incident Quiz
Student Survey and Index Cards
Collect Reader Writer Inventory
-review titles and writing assignments from the past
Review Literary Terms
-exploring and explaining
HW Create 3-Level Questions on Curious Incident
AND bring books tomorrow

Review 3-Qs
-discussion credit
Creating Lists
-making sense
-categorizing and creating pattern
New Literary Terms associated with Curious Incident
-deductive vs. inductive reasoning
-elements of humor
-red herring
HW Glossary Entry for 2 literary terms (see format)

Review HW
Journal Entry #2
-excerpt(s) from Curious Incident
-Practice format and self-grading
Buddy Pairing
Essay Prep
-Jigsaw Foldables
--review basic essay elements
-Share and clarify with Buddy
HW Make sure you bring your book tomorrow

Baseline Essay
-in-class, timed writing
HW Collect Parent Signatures and materials check
AND Create 3-level questions about Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath quiz
Review 3-level questions
-class discussion credit
Looking at language in Grapes
HW Journal Entry #3: isolate language and analyze it or mimic it in your freewrite section.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome Back! Agenda Wed 9/9-Friday 9/11

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Anticipation Reaction Guide
Excerpt and 10 minute writing
-journal style
Body Biography Template

HW Body Biography due Friday

Article -nonfiction (supplementary reading)
-3-level questions
-marginalia practice
-Reader-Writer Inventory
HW Collect treader Writer Inventory on Monday

Review Body Biography
-peer review: explain characteristics
Double-Entry Journal Practice
-self-grading rubric
Scavenger Hunt: Go to www.stevensap.com and record 3 helpful items
MORE-->If you want to preview the semester, click on the link in the right-hand column for the Fall Course Outline.