Monday, May 4, 2009

Agenda Monday 5/4-Friday 5/8

Review Last Week
Sort through Glossary of Literary Terms
The Things They Carried
Memoir vs Fiction
-negotiating the rejection
Review "Rainy River"
Review "How to Tell a True War Story"
HW Look at chapters "Enemies" and "Friends" and write a short paragraph in which you discuss why O'Brien places these chapters together. Comment on the structure of the novel, the chronology, the juxtaposition of specific themes/stories.

Look Back at "How to Tell a True War Story"
and "The Song of Tra Bong"
-Supplemental Reading on the role of women in the novel
Review 3-level Questions from key Chapters
HW Prepare 2nd Conversation for Friday: Choose language and analyze so peers can respond. Follow same format as #1

Read through article reflecting on different persuasive techniques:
Michael Kazin's "A Patriotic Left"

Review "The Man I Killed"
Review Practice AP
-norming groups
-grading essays

Review Practice AP
-norming groups
-grading essays
Finish Journals for conversations
HW Take Home Practice Multiple Choice

Josiah Bunting, III "Class Warfare" and poem Dulce Et Decorum Est In groups, outline the arguments, the techniques, the persona and audiences