Monday, April 20, 2009

Agenda Monday 4/20-4/24

Confirm Practice AP dates
Check Glossary Entries
The Things They Carried
-goodbye letter
HW Read Chapter 1 in The Things They Carried and write 3-level qs for WED
AND Identify a stylistic device and explain what it is and how it is used (abbreviated glossary entry)

PLATOON excerpts
TIME piece
"Things They Carry" about Iraq
-pack backpack

Quaker Share most important quotation from CH 1
Review Chapter 1
-3q discussion
-identify characters and contents of their backpack
Historical Background
-Geography -KW (L)
HW Read "Love" and "Spin" and 3qs and ID style

Small Group Questions and discussions
-Conversations Assignment #1
--in Journal, #10 Vocabulary List
Exit Ticket
-What is "truth" in war?
HW Read "Rainy River" and 3qs and ID style

Defining terms in the context of the novel
Review "Rainy River"
-discussion on style
-narrative voice and tone
Movie Excerpts
HW Read "Enemies" & "Friends" for Monday
And "How to Tell a True War A Story" for Tuesday
Remark on the structure of the chapters; identify style elements and connect them to what you think are emerging themes in the novel.