Monday, February 16, 2009

Agenda Tuesday 2/17-Friday 2/20

Quaker Share Journal Entry
Hurston Chronology
Review Style Analysis
HW Read Chapter 1 in Huck Finn
Be Prepared to tell a story that you have heard or told to the class
Don't Forget that Stanton Essay Rewrites are due next Monday the 23rd.

Chapter 2 Think Aloud
Mother Nature Imagery -conceit
The art of Story -Telling
Review Huck Finn Chapter 1
-story-telling element
Perspectives of Af-Am Stereotypes along the continuum between ages.
HW Independent Reading Journal Entry #4

Review Their Eyes
The Ministrel
-identify Af.Am. stereotypes from the time
Prepare to recite your folktale
-elements: embellish with personification, performance, punctuation, dialogue, narrative
HW Practice for "telling"
McGraw Hill Tannen p228
And argue that Tannen's premise is true or not with personal experiences. How can you apply her ideas to your own relationships?

Small Group "telling"
Power of Language
Connect to Tannen piece
HW Research Harlem Renaissance and include notes in foldable
Rewrite due Monday by 10pm