Sunday, February 1, 2009

Agenda Monday 2/2-Friday 2/6

Barbara Grover Photo Exhibit
-situation of women
-connect to Stanton Essay
Peer Edit Essay
-common errors
-relating to the rubric
Compare to Mid-Year reflection
Common responses to essay question
HW Read "Obama's Oratory"
-remark and list common oratorical devices
Go to the Obama's Speeches post and follow instructions

Divide into groups per speech
-compare notes on speech
As a Class
-note the common devices used by Jefferson, Stanton, King, and Obama
1. Read George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" McGraw Hill Reader P522 (answer p532 Rhetoric #2)
CHALLENGE!! (not required)
2. Isolate one compelling paragraph to mimic from one of the above authors (including Orwell if you like)
3. Write mimic, keeping in mind Orwell's comments

Finish Group Work
Review Orwell
and apply advice to our own writing.
--Flowers and Guns: Perceptions of Women and Men in Society--
HW Atwood's "The Female Body"
-Discussion Rhetoric #1 and #7

Review Atwoods Rhetoric
FOLDABLES!! Notes the fun way?
Class Reading: Reread "The Female Body" and list points of argument, class discussion.
Angier's "Why Men Don't Last: Self-Destruction as a Way of Life"
Freewrite Prompt:
Cult of Masculinity
Are "sentimental notions of manhood" prevalent in society today? What are they? Do our young men feel pressured by them, (do your fathers)? Are they essential to our survival as a species?

Review Angier's argument and Journal Entries
Reminder of Historical Timeline -Antebellum South -Emancipation Proclamation -Post-Slavery South Get Books
Class Discussion: Response to Angier
HW "Adam and Eve" by Mark Twain
-note similarities between feminist essays (cite evidence)
-why does Twain blame the fall on Adam?
-what is meant by Eve's explanation of loving Adam (p352)
-how does Twain's choice of form, the diary, enhance his message?

Mark Twain Bio
Zora Neale Hurston Bio
-Creating Essential Questions to Guide Unit
in foldable and on post it -post and compare