Monday, January 12, 2009

Agenda Monday 1/12-Friday 1/16

Share Travel Itinerary/Brochures
Reading Film Glossary
-OPTIC for film

Lost in Translation
(102 minutes)
-viewing and notes

cont. Lost in Translation
-viewing and notes
-reflect and share
HW finish OPTIC worksheet

-Share conclusion (the "C" in OPTIC)
Introduce "When Worlds Collide" by Pico Iyer
-begin reading
-chart motifs from film and essays
-note rhetorical techniques (by name)
HW finish Iyer piece and write copious annotations

Listen to "Inviting the World to Dinner" by Jim Haynes

Speaker: Rebecca Hardt shares about bringing together her multifaceted world of experiences to help solidify her identity.
HW To prepare for final, review two Iyer essays about travel and Tan essay about language and culture, consider notes about film, Haynes piece, and Hardt presentation. Recall what is required when you write a synthesis essay and make sure you bring all the above materials to class on your assigned final day.