Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BILLY BUDD Reading Schedule

1st-Introduction, Chronology, and Historical Context
2nd-Chapters 1-5 (pp3-25) due Mon, Dec 1
3rd-Chapters 6-9 (pp26-43) due Thurs, Dec 4
4th-Chapters 10-15 (pp44-63) due Mon, Dec 8
5th-Chapters 16-19 (pp64-84) due Thurs, Dec 11
6th-Chapters 20-23 (pp85-106) due Mon, Dec 15
7th-Chapters 24-30 (pp107-128) due Thurs, Dec 18
Please prepare 3-level questions and a short summary for each chapter. You can write these directly in your book. Annotate important passages and circle vocabulary as well.