Monday, November 3, 2008

Agenda Monday 11/3-Friday 11/7

Review The Crucible
Act II, 3-level Questions
-discussion credit
Additional Scene
-why remove it?
Watch Movie Act 2
HW Nothing due tomorrow
Recommended: Read Independent Reads Text
and/or Begin IN The News assignment

Finish Act 2 in movie
Miller's "Why I Wrote the Crucible"
--modern connections to McCarthy Era
HW 1-2 pages on Possible WitchHunts today, #6 in Reading Journal

Share Journal Entries
Excerpts from Salem Witch Reader
HW Read Act 3 until p102 (Mary Warren: I cannot lie no more. )
and 3-level questions

Review Questions
Begin to explore questions
-where is the line drawn between individual guilt and group guilt
-according to Miller's theories, was Salem doomed to fail, what might have saved it from destroying itself from the outside in?
HW Finish Act 3 and 3-level questions

Vocabulary Quiz (traditional)
Review Questions
Movie ACT 3
HW Read ACT 4 and 3-level questions
AND take home quiz on act 2 and 3