Sunday, November 16, 2008

Agenda Monday 11/17-Wednesday 11/24

MON 11/17
Fishbowl on The Crucible
HW Who survives "the crucible" in Salem? Why?

Background on the Synthesis Question
Formulate Thesis based on Sample
Source Packet
HW Double-Entry #8

Turn in Reading Journal
General Scoring Guide for Synthesis Essays
Student Samples
-Plot on Rubric
-Feedback/Pair Share
HW IN the NEWS assignment on Capital Punishment


Notes/Tips on Synthesis Essays
-check student samples for application
Discuss Terms
-defend; challenge; qualify
More ideas
-citing sources effectively
Class divided into Defend and Challenge
Revisit Marking of Sources
-distinguish between good and excellent points
HW Relax

Defend or Challenge Synthesis
Timed Essay #1
HW Billy Budd Intro and Historical Context and 3qs
MON 11/24
Defend or Challenge Synthesis
Timed Essay #2
HW Melville Chronology

Ship Terminology
Review 3qs
-group discussion
Navigating the Text
Read Chapter Notes before Chapter
-tips on annotating for meaning
HW Read Chapter 1 and 3qs

IN the NEWS presentations
Melville Style
Review 3qs
HW Read Chapters 2-5 and 3qs and short summary per each chapter (write directly in book)
ANSWER Chap 1 questions
IDENTIFY motifs and characterization of "Handsome Sailor"


Happy Thankgiving