Sunday, November 30, 2008

Agenda Monday 12/1-Friday 12/5

Sign-Up for In the News Presentation NOW!
Review Chapters 2-5
Vocabulary List
Review Ch 1 Review qs
HW Read Chapters 6-9 for Thursday

Health Survey
Chapter 2-5 Review Questions
-turn in
Brief Characterization Summary
Pair Share

In the News Presentations
Review 3qs and Summaries
-questions and clarifications
Read Chapters 10-15 by Mon Dec 8th

Vocab Quick Quiz
New Vocabulary List Chapter 10-19
Review Synthesis Essays
Chapter Review Qs for 6-9

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BILLY BUDD Reading Schedule

1st-Introduction, Chronology, and Historical Context
2nd-Chapters 1-5 (pp3-25) due Mon, Dec 1
3rd-Chapters 6-9 (pp26-43) due Thurs, Dec 4
4th-Chapters 10-15 (pp44-63) due Mon, Dec 8
5th-Chapters 16-19 (pp64-84) due Thurs, Dec 11
6th-Chapters 20-23 (pp85-106) due Mon, Dec 15
7th-Chapters 24-30 (pp107-128) due Thurs, Dec 18
Please prepare 3-level questions and a short summary for each chapter. You can write these directly in your book. Annotate important passages and circle vocabulary as well.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Billy Budd Vocabulary

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, I suggest you visit the following link and click on Billy Budd: 38-page Vocabulary List.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bellipotent

Agenda Monday 11/17-Wednesday 11/24

MON 11/17
Fishbowl on The Crucible
HW Who survives "the crucible" in Salem? Why?

Background on the Synthesis Question
Formulate Thesis based on Sample
Source Packet
HW Double-Entry #8

Turn in Reading Journal
General Scoring Guide for Synthesis Essays
Student Samples
-Plot on Rubric
-Feedback/Pair Share
HW IN the NEWS assignment on Capital Punishment


Notes/Tips on Synthesis Essays
-check student samples for application
Discuss Terms
-defend; challenge; qualify
More ideas
-citing sources effectively
Class divided into Defend and Challenge
Revisit Marking of Sources
-distinguish between good and excellent points
HW Relax

Defend or Challenge Synthesis
Timed Essay #1
HW Billy Budd Intro and Historical Context and 3qs
MON 11/24
Defend or Challenge Synthesis
Timed Essay #2
HW Melville Chronology

Ship Terminology
Review 3qs
-group discussion
Navigating the Text
Read Chapter Notes before Chapter
-tips on annotating for meaning
HW Read Chapter 1 and 3qs

IN the NEWS presentations
Melville Style
Review 3qs
HW Read Chapters 2-5 and 3qs and short summary per each chapter (write directly in book)
ANSWER Chap 1 questions
IDENTIFY motifs and characterization of "Handsome Sailor"


Happy Thankgiving

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Agenda Monday 11/10-Friday 11/14

Collect Take Home Quiz
HW Double-Entry #7
Choose 1 of the following questions to respond to (use evidence* to support your claims where necessary):
1) Why has The Crucible held up so well? What makes it still worth reading and performing?
2) Is John Proctor a "tragic" hero? Explain you answer.
3) What is the central conflict in the play? Think big, conflicts directly relate to universal ideas.
*You may cite evidence from Miller's "Why I wrote The Crucible."-due Thursday
Bring Independent Reading Books on WEDNESDAY


Book Talk
Double-Entry #8

3 Chair
-students share in front of the class as a group
-model discussion
-facilitate larger group discussion
Seminar Questions
-group prepare
HW Prepare responses to minimum of 3 seminar questions

Vocab Quiz
HW Question: Who survives "the crucible" in Salem? Why?

Synthesis Paper
Billy Budd by Herman Melville

Monday, November 3, 2008

Agenda Monday 11/3-Friday 11/7

Review The Crucible
Act II, 3-level Questions
-discussion credit
Additional Scene
-why remove it?
Watch Movie Act 2
HW Nothing due tomorrow
Recommended: Read Independent Reads Text
and/or Begin IN The News assignment

Finish Act 2 in movie
Miller's "Why I Wrote the Crucible"
--modern connections to McCarthy Era
HW 1-2 pages on Possible WitchHunts today, #6 in Reading Journal

Share Journal Entries
Excerpts from Salem Witch Reader
HW Read Act 3 until p102 (Mary Warren: I cannot lie no more. )
and 3-level questions

Review Questions
Begin to explore questions
-where is the line drawn between individual guilt and group guilt
-according to Miller's theories, was Salem doomed to fail, what might have saved it from destroying itself from the outside in?
HW Finish Act 3 and 3-level questions

Vocabulary Quiz (traditional)
Review Questions
Movie ACT 3
HW Read ACT 4 and 3-level questions
AND take home quiz on act 2 and 3