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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.8-9.12; 9.15-9.19

Group/Peer Editing -see checklist
Models -citing quotations, works cited page format (format, embedding, punctuation)
Notes: California historical significance of
  • Agri. Workers Influx
  • communism
  • socialism-Upton Sinclair, EPIC, FDR
  • Ham n. Eggs
  • Salinas Lettuce -McWilliams, Steinbeck
HW Bring McGraw Hill Reader WEDNESDAY.  Work on essay, due Sept. 17th

Focus in on specific chapters and style elements.
-answer three essential questions about humanism, socialism and unions.
Review Steinbeck Essay, credit for HW
-does Steinbeck use deductive or inductive logic?
HW FOR Thursday
Journal #6: In McGraw Hill Reader, read Steinbeck’s “Americans and the Land” and answer the following questions on p671:
Comp #1, 2
Rhet. #1, 2, 6
Write #1 (2-3 paragraphs)

AND, Prepare for Book Concepts Test on MONDAY: OPTIC image analysis and two short answer responses.

Steinbeck Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Staple annotated speech to analysis
Review OPTIC elements, Review Socialism, Humanism, Unions
HW Essay due 17th; Book Test Monday.
Book Test: 1 OPTIC; 2 Short Answers
HW Bring essay drafts tomorrow.

Music -Woody Guthrie

Review Critical Annotations
Review primary and secondary sources
Creating a Works Cited
-create note cards with necessary citations.

Literary Devices
-review essentials, see word wall
-concept circles
-practice glossary entry
HW Essay due tonight by 11:59 to

GoW Research Project
  • numbering
-annotated bibliography
  • sources
-works cited page
  • format
Brainstorm Topics
Independent Reading List Book Talk, 500 pages due at the end of the semester.
HW For Friday, bring in topic and sources.
For Monday, attempt outline, print and bring in for editing.

Research Project Due Oct 1st to

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.2-9.5

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Quick Maxim Prompt analysis, turn in.
Self/Peer Edit Critical Annotations (In The News)
-turn in
Review definitions of humanism, socialism --connect to Jim Casey and over story
Review What, How, Why on the official Rhetorical Devices Flow Chart
Intercalary Chapter Analysis Assignment
-marking up the text
HW For Wednesday, bring marked up chapter -for credit.  In your assigned chapter you should mark for whats i.e. what devices does Steinbeck employ to convey the importance of the chapter?

see Dialectical Journal Format in Lang. and Comp. textbook (pp 43-44, class set)
For JOURNAL #5: create a true Dialectical Journal on your assigned intercalary chapter.  Your thoroughness will determine your success on the essay.
Group Share
HW Brainstorm thesis for your chapter.

See intercalary essay models, review requirements, features with class; break essay down into what, how, why.  Note structure of theses.
Group Share theses --improve.
HW For FRIDAY, Write introduction and one body paragraph, minimum.

Peer Editing
-identify What, How, Why
NOTES: CALIFORNIA short history as it relates to GoW
HW WORK ON ESSAY, due September 17th to; 50pts to Writing Category.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Agenda 8.25-8.29

The Grapes of Wrath  by John Steinbeck

Introduction: structure, characterization, motifs, etc.
Reading Journal Entry #2 on The Grapes of Wrath (GoW), due TUES.


Rhetorical Analysis Practice Essay Prompt in your Journal, #3.
-timed writing, 45 minutes, 4 paragraphs
-peer reviewed
-self graded
Class reflection
HW Locate and Print a Dorothea Lange photo
Include the url on your print out.


Review OPTIC technique:
-analyze images

  • Overview
  • Parts
  • Title/Words
  • InterRelationships
  • Conclusion
Practice with one image and then with image from homework.
HW Complete OPTIC to be turned in for grade.
AND, bring GoW tomorrow.

Get McGraw-Hill Reader
-review format
--glossary, etc.
-review the benefits of marginalia
Share Highlights of OPTIC, turn in
HW In McGraw-Hill read "How to Mark a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler and write 3-level questions to share in class.  
AND, print a short article (emphasis on SHORT) from the website search.
Tips for finding a good article:
-not more than 3 pages
-has a clear format
-is easy to summarize
-easy to print (do not copy and paste without the url, date of access, etc.)

IN the NEWS Assignment format
MLA style
-practice annotating article and drafting IN the NEWS annotation
AND, JOURNAL #4: define socialism  and humanism; find evidence in GoW that supports these two philosophies.  Explore how they may have influenced Steinbeck's writing; and, link the language of Jim Casey to either philosophy.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome! Weekly Agenda 8.19-8.22

Welcome to our classroom weekly agenda and homework blog.  Here you will find reading schedules, agenda items, due dates, homework and hand outs.  It would be wise to book mark the url.

Quick expectations talk> Course outline to follow this week.
Define perspective, empathy, and the value of audience
Role Play Activity
HW  Create account and sign up:
Class # 8403520  Password: Stevens (case sensitive);

Reading Journal Options Packet and Composition Book
-Typical Wednesday Schedule and Expectations
-Practice Journal Entries: A1 and A2, B on Every Day by David Levithan, Day 5998
--class room discussion
--briefly discuss self-grade rubric
HW Journal Entry #1: Choose an excerpt from Every Day  and complete a journal entry A, B, C

Self-Grade Journal Entry #1
-share and reflect
Supplemental Reading
-practice entries  D, E, H
-Quaker Share
HW Finish Practice Entries 

Journal Entry #2
-timed writing
HW Bring The Grapes of Wrath on Monday,