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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Agenda 5.4-5.8

The Things They Carried 

#13: Goodbye Letter, Quaker Share

Review "Rainy River"
-3-level discussions
Review "Enemies" and "Friends"

AP Practice Multiple Choice Practice
HW Read " How to Tell a True War Story" for Thursday.  Determine some of the rhetorical devices O'Brien employs to convey the nature of truth.

Create #14: Graphic Organizer for three types of AP essays and what you need to improve in common rubric categories.
-Argument: "Ownership"
-Rhetorical: "Flamingo"

More Multiple Choice Review
HW Things Carried Practice M/C

Norming Groups
-Synthesis essay; multiple scores, discuss
--add to #14

Score Calculators
HW Read " How to Tell a True War Story" for Thursday.  Determine some of the rhetorical devices O'Brien employs to convey the nature of truth.

Review "How to Tell..."
-determine devices and their effect

Read Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est"
-analyze for devices and effects (WHAT-->HOW-->WHY)
-What is his argument?  How do you know?
HW For MONDAY, Read "The Dentist" and "Sweetheart of Tra Bong:" Complete an s/m/t chart for class discussion.

Read Stephan Crane's "War is Kind"
-compare, contrast to Owen

Discuss development of a Romantic view of War, to a Realistic view of War.  Begin conversation which explores O'Brien's approach.

Excerpts from Coleridge's poem.
HW Rhetorical devices terms for categorizing; Begin to answer the essential question: What is the truth of war?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Week Agenda 4.20-5.1

April 20–May 1, 2015
Block Schedule
Mondays & Thursdays - ODD
Tuesday & Friday - EVEN
April 20–May 1, 2015
Block Schedule
Wednesdays - LATE START

Period A
Period 1/2
Period 3/4

7:12-8:08 AM
8:15-10:15 AM
10:15-10:24 AM
10:34 AM-12:34 PM
Period 5/6

12:34-1:09 PM
1:16-3:16 PM

Period A
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3

8:45-9:30 AM
9:36-10:21 AM
10:28-11:13 AM
11:20 AM-12:05 PM
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6

12:05-12:40 PM
12:47-1:32 PM
1:39-2:24 PM
2:31-3:16 PM
The Things They Carried

WEEK 4.20-4.24
Get Books

Read and respond to "I am an American day" speech by Learned Hand
-Guided Reading Response

Review Article, #11 format

Review Glossary Entry Requirements
and different graphic organizers

AND,  Read Sam Lieth's Article "Obama's Oratory";
Record the terms/devices he lists
AND, complete GRP.

JOURNAL #12: Read excerpt of Johnson speech
-in-class Timed Glossary
(you may have your HW out)
HW Read Things Carried CHAPTER 1 for FRIDAY.

Share out Johnson Speech
-connect to Leith

Vietnam Visual Poster and Lyrics
-add to Journal #12
-rhetorical box: what is the argument?

Review Chapter 1: What would you carry?  Effect of repetition
HW Read Chapter 2-4 for WEDNESDAY

WEEK 4.27-5.1

HW Read Chapter 2-4 for WEDNESDAY

Review Chapters 2-4
-excerpts and analysis

Define ambiguity
(tie it to ambivalence and apathy in characters)  How do these idea's create a new sense of what it means to fight in war?
HW Read Chapters 5-6 for MONDAY.
AND, JOURNAL #13: Write a "Goodbye Letter" as if you had just been drafted to the Vietnam War.

HW --see WED

AP Practice Test-norming and review
Dear America documentary
-excerpts and analysis
-movie notes
--SUBTITLE organization
3.homefront and culture
Finish documentary

Excerpts Stephan Crane's The Red Badge of Courage
-marginalia: "truth of war"

Compare to Things Carried

M/C practice on Things Carried.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Agenda 4.13-4.17

The Great Gatsby Essay

Considering the prompts
-find evidence to support your favorite contender
-Pair Share Quote Analysis
-In-text citations for secondary sources

The Style Checklist
-parallel, balanced sentences; varied punctuation; figurative language
6pt Rubric
-Ideas and Explanations
-Grammar and Mechanics
Students Model Essay(s)

Anticipation The Things They Carried  by Tim O'Brien
-reminders of the rhetorical elements in speeches: pathos, ethos, logos, analogy, schematic effects, etc.
--additional terminology related to oratory: ...
--Journal Entry #_____: Create an appropriate Graphic Organizer for Johnson's speech advocating for the US initiation of war in Vietnam; create an additional Graphic Organizer for Nixon's argument for our continued involvement in Vietnam.

Get Books...

Please have your essay available on a cloud doc (ie. google doc)
-revision, adding style elements
-swap and peer feedback edit
-teacher feedback and clarification

Next TWO Weeks, SBAC
-look at sample online tests
Week 1: We meet 21st, 22nd, and the 24th.
Week 2: We meet 28th, 29th, and the May 1st.

HW Upload your essay to  Your window for full-credit is Friday, April 17th-Sunday, April 19th.