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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weekly Agenda 5.18-5.22

The Things They Carried

SSR-Independent Reading

"Stockings'" "Church," "The Man  I Killed," "Ambush"
Group Analysis: Choose one of the following chapters from our class text and record (on 1 sheet of paper) the following:
1.  The Passage you chose, if it is not too long please write the entire thing out, if it is then you may cite it.
2.  A Thesis that speaks to how the chapter connects to larger themes in the book.  Some possible themes include: perspective, heroism versus cowardice, paradox of war, ambivalence, romanticism versus realism.
3.  Write out Topic sentences that would be necessary to support your thesis.
4.  Record specific evidence to support your thesis.  Analysis is optional, some may want to simply bullet elements of analysis that might accompany such evidence and topic.
HW Journal #14: Read "Speaking of Courage" and complete the same Passage, Thesis, Topics, and Evidence outline as you did with your group.  For Thursday.

Share out group work.  Read through "Dulce Et Decorum Est" and "Ambush" poem.  Compare and contrast them to "Ambush chapter.  And live footage of ambushes in the documentary we watched.

Share out #14, and review "Speaking of Courage.

Read "Notes"

Independent Reading Final Prep-small groups (Notes, seminar next week, please be prepared)
HW Read "In the Field" for TUESDAY.
AND, Journals will be due next FRIDAY, May 30th.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Agenda 5.11-5.15

The Things They Carried

Review "WOrd SOrt" of Rhetorical Devices

Practice Multiple-Choice
JOURNAL #14: Rewrite portion of one essay, or create graphic on elements to improve on all essays.

Review "The Dentist"
and begin discussion on "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong"

Prepare for Documentary

HW Read "Stockings," Church," "The Man I Killed," "Ambush," and "Style."
Answer: what motifs are evidence through theses stories.  How does he feel about "the man he killed?"

BAck to the text
"AMBUSH" poem from Dear America

Crane and Owen poems (finally)
romanticism versus realism
Read "SPeaking of Courage" for MONDAY.

Excerpts from PLATOON

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Agenda 5.4-5.8

The Things They Carried 

#13: Goodbye Letter, Quaker Share

Review "Rainy River"
-3-level discussions
Review "Enemies" and "Friends"

AP Practice Multiple Choice Practice
HW Read " How to Tell a True War Story" for Thursday.  Determine some of the rhetorical devices O'Brien employs to convey the nature of truth.

Create #14: Graphic Organizer for three types of AP essays and what you need to improve in common rubric categories.
-Argument: "Ownership"
-Rhetorical: "Flamingo"

More Multiple Choice Review
HW Things Carried Practice M/C

Norming Groups
-Synthesis essay; multiple scores, discuss
--add to #14

Score Calculators
HW Read " How to Tell a True War Story" for Thursday.  Determine some of the rhetorical devices O'Brien employs to convey the nature of truth.

Review "How to Tell..."
-determine devices and their effect

Read Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est"
-analyze for devices and effects (WHAT-->HOW-->WHY)
-What is his argument?  How do you know?
HW For MONDAY, Read "The Dentist" and "Sweetheart of Tra Bong:" Complete an s/m/t chart for class discussion.

Read Stephan Crane's "War is Kind"
-compare, contrast to Owen

Discuss development of a Romantic view of War, to a Realistic view of War.  Begin conversation which explores O'Brien's approach.

Excerpts from Coleridge's poem.
HW Rhetorical devices terms for categorizing; Begin to answer the essential question: What is the truth of war?